Benefits of Masturbation To Men And Women

The benefits of masturbation to all men and women. Yes, this is our topic for today. So that we are clear, I am not advocating self-satisfaction to all by masturbating. This article merely focuses on the benefits of this small sexual act that is thought to be normal for all. We are all aware that there is still an on-going and undying debate whether masturbating is bad, meaning sinful. But this article is purely stating the benefits of masturbation although we will try to open your eyes a little bit by touching some “morality” side. Then afterwards, it is entirely up to you to be the judge for yourself.

What is Masturbation?

Let us quickly define the term “masturbation” in not so obscene definition. Masturbation is defined as stimulating your or one’s genital part for sexual pleasure. Most often this small sexual act is done by a single person to release that sexual urge. However, many people didn’t know that there’s more into it. And we will try to provide you all the possible benefits of masturbation to both men and women.

But before I proceed, let us discuss first why sometimes masturbation is considered as a sinful act. Yes, if we talk about morality and Christianity the act of self-gratification or self-satisfaction through masturbation is sometimes considered as a sin. But how and why? Matt Slick as explained on his article entitled “Is masturbation wrong?” that our Bible does not discuss masturbation at all. Matt says:

The Bible does not discuss masturbation at all.  This seems a little odd since it is such a strong and prevalent human event.  And, given that Leviticus has so much to say about sexuality, one would think it natural that the subject would be covered.  But it isn’t.  Masturbation is not specifically declared to be sinful.  Nevertheless, we must be cautious to pronounce something to be sinful or not sinful when God has not discussed it.  Therefore, we have to derive principles from scripture on related sexual issues and see if we can wisely apply them to the subject of masturbation.

Matt, from his article, is simply saying that it really depends on the person doing the deed. If the person is thinking about someone else other than his partner then that is considered as a sin.

Benefits of Masturbation Benefits of Masturbation To Men And Women

Benefits of masturbation

In the study made by McKinley Health Center in Illinois, it was said that between in the late 40′s and early 50′s an author named Arthur Kinsey published a report about human behavior. From his research it shows that 95% of men masturbates while there are only 60% females who does the same deed. While National Health and Social Life Survey and other research reveals that there are actually 48 – 95% people masturbates. These statistics shows that whether people would or would not admit it, there are a lot of male and female does it. But why? What are the benefits of masturbation? Are there really medical or health benefits of masturbation?

Here are some of the known reasons given by people why they masturbate:

1. Pleasure – Masturbation gives a person that sexual pleasure by touching himself.

2. Tension – By committing masturbation, a person is relieve from tension. This can be from sexual tension or any form.

3. Stress reliever – Many have admitted that masturbation can also be the best stress reliever. Masturbation provides the person the most natural dosage of dopamine.

4. Safe sex – Without a partner or if your partner is unavailable, masturbation is considered as the safest form of sex.

5. Relaxation – Some who does it says that masturbation makes them relaxed after the deed.

6. Beats the curiosity - Some people wanted to know the feeling and sensation after masturbating.

7. Immunity builder – According to studies, orgasm can increase the hormones in our body. But it also strengthens our body through that small amount of chemical called cortisol.  This chemical can reduce inflammation, help us lower our blood pressure, lessened the reactions to allergies, and even increase our energy.

8. Anti-Cancer – We all know that prostate cancer is one of the most common killer cancer for most men. And according to studies from Australia, a male whom masturbates at least five times (5x) a week had a 33% low risk of getting this ailment.

9. Menstrual Cramps reliever – For most women who are experiencing this painful and annoying cramps during their monthly menstruation, it was said the most natural way to cure it is through masturbation. Moreover, it also helps women to overcome chronic back pain, painful menstruation, and yeast infection.

10. Lessen the calories – Who needs to go to the gym everyday when you can burn at least 100 calories in just one playful session with yourself? Masturbating also improves your pelvic muscles, erectile dysfunction prevention, and it gives you better endurance in bed.

11. A good sedative – If you can’t sleep because of stress and other stuffs going on your mind, do a quick session with your self and surely you will fall down afterwards. Masturbation also acts as a natural sedative that will make you feel sleepy after having fun with yourself.

It may sound pervert, improper, or other people would even think that this is a bad habit. It’s really up to you if you are up to it or not. But looking into the benefits of masturbation, and for as long as you are not committing adultery then why not?

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