Calorie-conscious Diet No More! Just Learn What Foods To Eat

Maintaining a healthy body by eating properly and watching one’s diet with “calorie-conscious diet plan” is good – but it can sometimes become your biggest burden. Most often than not, women are more calorie-conscious than men. And they even plan for their daily “calorie-conscious diet” to keep themselves from all that carbs (carbohydrates). Although, I am pretty sure that there are times that you are dying to eat something but too worried of getting fat. And there’s nothing you can do but to turn your back from that mouth-watering food and end-up eating those green-leafy salads – not to gratifying, isn’t it? Have you asked yourself sometimes and wondered why are you really doing that? I know, it takes strict discipline before a person can master and train oneself what to eat. But, are you not aware that there are alternative foods to satisfy you cravings without compromising your calorie-conscious diet? Here are some of the alternative tasty food, snacks, and desserts to add into your daily meals – satisfy your cravings and eat these!

If you are into calorie-counting, then you are in luck. What I will show you now are tips from a registered dietitian – Dawn Jackson Blatner. Dawn Jackson Blatner is one of the well-known dietitian in the US and was even hailed as “top dietitian” and “one of the best nutritionists in the country” in Chicago. She also authored a book called “The Flexitarian Diet“.  And by saying so, you don’t have to worry because all of the following here came from an expert in “diet”.

Chocolate cupcakes Calorie conscious Diet No More! Just Learn What Foods To Eat

Craving for: Ice Cream
Calories: 300 in one cup
Eat This Instead: Fat-free yogurt
Calories: 150 in one single-serving container

  • So instead of drooling over a cone or even a scoop Haagen-dazs ice cream you can skip that and satisfy your cravings by eating low-fat yogurt. And you can add a tablespoon of honey or sundae-like toppings candy sprinkles or a small amount of chocolate syrup.

Craving for: Potato Chips
Calories: 250 for each 1.5-ounce bag
Eat This Instead: air-pooped popcorn
Calories: 60 for each 2 cups of popped popcorns

  • Most of the times when we’re busy doing something or watching movies, we wanted to grab a snack and munch. We wanted that feeling of crunchy-ness inside our mouth. So popcorn is one good alternative to that without the grease. You can jack up some sea salt or cinnamon to put flavors into your popcorn.

Craving for: A slice (or more) of pizza
Calories: 330 per slice
Eat This Instead: A whole-wheat pizza topped with veggies
Calories: 180 per slice

  • If you are not aware, the most calorie-packed parts of a pizza are the cheese and that white-bread crust. So instead of having all of those carbs, why not go for whole-grain, lower calorie pizza bread and sprinkle some cheese, pile sauce, sweet peppers, and add some arugula – an aromatic green-leafy salad which is commonly used and popular in Italian cuisines.

Craving for: French fries
Calories: 380 for each medium order
Eat This Instead: Baked sweet-potato(kamote) fries
Calories: 180 per cup

  • So slice some kamote, mist with cooking oil, sprinkle it with salt and then bake them for 30 at 350 degrees. What will you get aside from a low-calorie snack? Vitamins A and C.

Craving for: Frappuccino
Calories: 240 per 16 fl. oz.
Eat This Instead: Coffee with condensed low-fat milk and low-fat whipped cream
Calories: 75 in a large mug

  • It’s all low-fat ingredients and yet your coffee will taste like a fancy coffee concoction.

Craving for: Fettuccini Alfredo
Calories: 1,220
Eat This Instead: Whole-wheat pasta with olive oil and Parmesan
Calories: 280 per cup

  • So instead of using a regular pasta noodles, use a whole-wheat pasta, olive oil and Parmesan cheese to complete a hearty-meal.

Craving for: Bacon cheeseburger
Calories: 550
Eat This Instead: Grilled-cheese sandwich with mushrooms
Calories: 260

  • If you are craving for a sink-your-teeth-into-it sandwich, then why not try grilling some cheese and put them on a sandwich with mushrooms. The mushroom will be your best alternative for meat.

Craving for: Fast-food milk shake
Calories: 400 per small cup
Eat This Instead: Frozen yogurt
Calories: 200 per cup

  • Instead of having those 400 calories per cup, why not go for a frozen yogurt and gratify your sugar, cold and smooth cravings.

Craving for: Chocolate-chip cookies
Calories: 400 in two medium cookies
Eat This Instead: Dark chocolate
Calories: 100 in half a bar

  • Dark chocolates, not only it is healthy for your body but it also contains lots of antioxidants that are good for the body.

Craving for: Granola
Calories: 420 per a 3/4 cup
Eat This Instead: Oatmeal
Calories: 120 in one reduced-sugar packet

  • If you are not familiar with the word or food Granola, well these are those morning meals or snacks which is very popular in North America. Most of the times Granola is consists of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked. Now, this is heavily loaded with calories. So why not stick to the simplest and eat oatmeal.

There are more, but I guess these are just enough for you to survive for your calorie-conscious mind and probably, you can suggest more for our readers. icon smile Calorie conscious Diet No More! Just Learn What Foods To Eat

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