Hassle-free Holiday Guide

A lot of people dream about a hassle-free holiday, yet many of them still experience a lot stress once they decided to go. The key to a great holiday is a good preparation. It’s true, it could be a little tedious to prepare for that long awaited vacation, however, no matter how much you hate it, you’ve got to do it to make the most out of your holiday. Here are some no-brainer tips to make that preparation a lot easier for you.

Figure out what you really want

Most people don’t exactly know what they want therefore sometimes they just go with the flow. If they have heard from a friend that a place is a popular destination they would go there, and then get back home disappointed. That is because they went to the place that they didn’t actually want. Figuring out what you truly want will save you from disappointment and unnecessary expenses. Moreover, going to places and doing the things that you want will make your holiday more meaningful and productive. It is good to listen to people’s suggestions about where to go and what to do, but remember, it is your own holiday, it’s your time, your money, so therefore, it’s your choice.

Hassle free Holiday Guide Hassle free Holiday Guide

Plan within your budget

Going on a holiday shouldn’t lead to busted bank account. Of course, the goal is to enjoy and have fun but it doesn’t mean you have to keep spending as if there’s no tomorrow. Hotels and airlines normally give a great deal of discount when you book ahead. Register to their mailing list so you can get the latest updates about their promotions. You can also check out booking websites that offer discounts, I especially like www.agoda.com and www.tripadvisor.com. If you have to do especial activities such as watching concerts or going to theme parks, make sure you buy your ticket or the passes ahead of time as well, this will not only give you savings but it will also guarantee you will have the ticket to enjoy the show or the places.

Do a little research

Since the invention of google, research has never been this easy, so don’t be lazy and learn a few facts about your holiday destination. First of all, check the weather; you don’t want to just stay in your hotel because apparently it has been raining all day. Also, check the mode of transportation; it is very important because in some places such as remote provinces or islands the transportation schedule is being observed. You don’t want to be stranded in the airport, bus or ferry terminal for the night because you miss the last bus or ferry. Special trips on a taxi or boat could be really expensive. Secondly, when travelling abroad, check the language and the culture as well. If you think the language would be a barrier, learn a few survival words or at least bring a travel phrase book. It’s better to be ready than sorry. Also in some places, your regular outfit might be inappropriate so dress accordingly. Lastly, check your money; although you can always exchange money in the airport, I suggest preparing the destination’s local currency even before you leave. Especially if you are travelling alone, it would be a hassle to look for a currency exchange booth with the entire luggage you have. Having some local currency would be handy when you need to buy bus or subway tickets or to make a phone call to your hotel.

Know important phone numbers and invest on a good travel insurance

Although we all dream for a perfect worry-free vacation, the reality could sometimes turn out to be different from what we’ve expected. It is important to know the precautions for unexpected events. A lot of Filipino travellers do not understand the importance of travel insurance and sadly they do not pay enough attention to it. Getting travel insurance is not about being morbid; instead it is about being ready for some unforeseen events. When travelling to a foreign place, it is better to be prepared. A good travel insurance would be helpful when things go wrong such as losing your luggage, missing your flight, or other forms of emergencies. Also knowing the contact details of the Philippine Embassy is very important to have in mind in case you need help so you would know where to go or who to call. Being aware and ready for unanticipated situations would make you feel more secure and it will greatly lessen your anxiety.

These are just some of the few important things we normally ignore when we plan our holidays, but I believe the pre-travel preparation when done properly could make our vacation more enjoyable and memorable. So next time you plan to travel, try these tips and I assure you, your holiday will be stress and worry free.


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